The Hazards Of Water Damage

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If a building has been exposed to a large amount of water or has been flooded, it is likely that the building will become hazardous since water damage can cause both health and structural risks if left untreated.

Health Related Hazards and Risks

As most of us know, humidity and dampness can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew depends on moisture to grow and if left untreated can lead to toxic reactions and ailments like immune disorders, pathogenic disease and even cancer. It can also lead to adverse allergic reaction such as painful headaches, and disorientation. Other ailments include: dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, chronic asthma, rashes, open sores, and chronic fatigue.

Floodwaters are even more hazardous. Water brought in by floodwaters is more likely to be contaminated by sewage and waste. These types of contaminants make water a perfect breeding ground for disease carrying insects and the possibility of infestation.

Structural Related Hazards and Risks

There are quite a few ways stagnant water, contaminated and saturation can lead to structural damage. The most obvious ways a building endures water damage include and are not limited to:

-Disintegration of wallboards/dry wall.

-The structural integrity of concrete is also undermined.

-Support columns that are waterlogged will begin to slowly twist and tilt.

-Wood will begin to swell, warp and even rot.

-Water may become trapped can cause the collapse of stairs, floors, roofs and ceilings.

-Electrical systems short out, malfunction, lead to fire and even shock.

-Gas leaks can lead to fire or gas poisoning.

-Mold and or mildew growth resulting in the need for mold remediation.

Damage is also causes damage to the interior of a building and household possessions like:

-Valuables will be covered in dirt, mud and grit.

-Paint and wall coverings will begin to peel off.

-Floor tiles will be lifted

-Any paneling will warp.

-Carpets will either stain or begin to rot.

-Furnishings and textiles will stain or rot.

-Photos, paperwork, paintings, books, etc will become extremely fragile.

-The biggest damage caused by flooding is the decrease in property value.
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The Hazards Of Water Damage

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This article was published on 2011/02/01