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Mold contamination, a common occurrence in water damaged buildings, has been known to have serious health effects. For this reason, immediate removal is necessary of all wet items from the water damaged site and to begin air circulation to prevent dampness before the spores can multiply.

If this is not possible, analytical consultation will be taken to determine the proper remediation method, which will be based on fungus type and location, as well asextent of damage and exposure. Anyone can remove mold, but it takes an experienced mold remediation professional to do it right. If your mold remediation project is done improperly, it can easily do more damage than good.

Your Project Manager will develop a mold remediation plan specific for your needs, ensuring your problem is remedied swiftly and effectively with as little inconvenience to you as possible.

Removal of contaminated building material and furnishings are the first stages in microbial abatement. Following are a few of the procedures used under remediation protocols and/or are limited to: performance on an individual case by case scope.

Flood Damage:

Flood Damage is one of the most traumatic disasters facing property owners, insurance companies and risk managers is water damage. Flood Damage may be caused by a natural or man-made disaster, moisture is a fast and silent destroyer of furnishings, equipment and building interiors. The result of the Flood damage is costly repairs and often replacement. Time is crucial to the dehumidification (drying process) of a building and the prevention of the growth of destructive mold and mildew prevention of the growth of destructive mold and mildew.

Rawhide Construction, Inc. can dramatically reduce the scope of Flood damage and save thousands of dollars in replacement costs. Using the sophisticated, portable two-stage, commercial dehumidification equipment, Rawhide Construction, Inc. can quickly and efficiently return the humidity and moisture levels of any building back to normal. It is imparative with Flood Damage to rapidly remove all excess moisture. This will help avoid permanent damage, which occur if left untreated. We are fully capable of handling any water emergency that may come your way, whether large or small!

  • Structural Drying using state of the art equipment.
  • Extraction-truck mounted units.
  • Extreme extractors - to remove water and minimize need for demolition.
  • Monitoring and documentation-all monitoring is done by certified IICRC/IAQ technicians using psychometrics to maximize humidity and temperature to attain the fastest possible drying time.
  • Technicians are equipped with thermo hygrometers, non-penetrating moisture meters, hydro sensors and thermo-imaging cameras. These tools make our certified technicians the best equipped in the industry and enable us to easily find moisture in any building.

Fire Damage:

For all your Fire Damage, you can count on Rawhide Construction, if your home or business has fire damage. Rawhide Construction Inc. is a Licensed General Contractor. What this means to you is no Fire is too big or small. We pledge to make your life as peaceful as possible. We know when fire damage hits this can lead to depression and elevated.stress level. Fire Damage can be minor smoke damage to complete loss of structure, fire damage may leave victims anxious and often traumatized. Our job is to relive the stress and return a damaged home of business to its original state.


Rawhide Construction, inc. uses state-of-the-Art equipment and techniques to restore homes and businesses. We are committed to all our homeowners, business owners, vendors and property managers. Working together we can efficiently and professionally restore your property so you again can resume your daily lives.

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Mold Removal Phoenix

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